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Kenta Suzuki's long-awaited second digital mini-album "ABSOLUTE JOY" is now on sale and released worldwide by KHRONOS Records on August 8, 2022. Following the release of the previous first album " KHRONOS", this instrumental mini-album contains 7 excellent tracks that are extremely focusing on his guitar plays as his starting point.

"The tragic events happening in Ukraine that followed the world in turmoil just after COVID-19. When I thought about what little myself can do in such a situation, it was just to bring the music I spun from my guitar to the people." -Kenta Suzuki

In the midst of the ongoing chaos of the world situation, he once again felt the joy of being able to devote himself to music, and packed his emotions into its simple melodies and sounds with his unique worldview. We hope that it will bring listeners as much joy and healing as possible. Please try listening to these songs at a higher volume that would make you feel much more.

【Download purchase & Trial listening】 Available on major digital music distribution platforms from August 8th, 2022 (Mon).

Advance listening and booking sales are going to start on only iTunes Store from July 25th, 2022 (Mon).

Produced by Kenta Suzuki Engineered & Mixed by Kenta Suzuki Mastered by Kenta Suzuki All Music, arrangements, instruments & programming by Kenta Suzuki

Artist Management: KHRONOS Records Official Website:





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